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Spring is Here

April 17, 2015

Spring is officially upon us. We have been lucky so far to have such a fortunate start to the year. With the lack of winter the state did not enforce frost laws in lower Michigan which normally hampers our delivery quantities. It appears we are going to have a good year here in 2015 and with our yard fully stocked with material we are ready for another great one.


Delivery available six to seven days a week seasonally.

Delivery prices vary depending on landscape material and destination. Call for details: 810-629-5200

Michigan Landscape Supply takes pride in offering customers a 48 hour maximum delivery time whether you're ordering mulch, topsoil. stone, boulders or even brick pavers or flagstone.

demoMake sure you are doing the job right by coming to one of our brick paver seminars where you can learn the proper techniques on how to install pavers. We also offer tips and tricks on installing mulch, decoratice stone, topsoil or even boulders. Michigan Landscape Supply carries a large range of landscape supplies, we can help and show you how to install any landscape material correctly.


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Whether you're laying mulch, stone, topsoil, or any type of landscape material, we live by the weather forecast. Check out the weather today and see if it will be right for what your doing. If you like more of an opinion, our entire staff can weigh in on what the weather will be, give us a call.

Shoemaker Services, Inc. 

Shoemaker Services, Inc. is a licensed and bonded landscape contractor and lawn maintenance company located right here in Fenton. Take a look at their site for landscape designs and ideas or call a representative today.

Other Useful Links:

Michigan Nursery & Landscape Assoc.

The Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association, established in 1922, is Michigan’s statewide nursery and landscape industry trade association. For 88 years, MNLA has been committed to the well-being and integrity of Michigan’s green industry.

Unilock Authorized Dealer 

Michigan Landscape Supply is an Authorized Unilock Dealer and carries a full line of Unilock manufactured brick pavers. Being a Authorized Dealer we are also able to sell below MSRP.






Featured Product: Driveway Gravel

Come March and April driveway gravel is certainly a popular seller. Whether you are dealing with pot holes or mud we have a product that will solve your problems. 21 AA crushed limestone, crushed concrete, and crushed natural stone are the best and most popular material for driveways. If you are dealing with a thick layer of mud, putting a larger base stone such as a 1 x  3 crushed concrete and then topping it with a 21 AA will be your best bet.

Featured Product: Grass Seed

With the end of the frost comes the planting of new seeds. We carry a complete custom line or grass seeds blended specially for us and our area and weather. With prices cheaper than any hardware or big box store and a mix specifically blended for Michigan soil and weather, you can't beat our seed.


Featured Product: Compost or Garden Mix

Compost is the preferred choice of garden soil for vegetable and flower gardens. Our compost has no manure in it and is made completely of yard scraps such as leaves, grass clippings and sticks. This holds the most nutrients for your gardens and the black soil is loved by all gardeners. If you are looking for a slightly heavier soil, we also blend a garden mix which is 50/50 screened topsoil and compost.

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