Class II Sand


A graded fine aggregate, produced by screening natural sand, a yellow to light brown material formed by the natural abrasion and disintegration of rocks by glacial or riverbed action. The particles can be sized from 3″ (75.0mm) to zero (dust), but are typically sized 3/4″ (19.0mm) to zero (dust).

The Class II Natural Sand should be placed as required depending upon ground conditions and design loading, in lifts not exceeding 8″. Prior to the placement of any material, the grade should be compacted and trimmed to the design density & elevations and be free of any standing water and not in a frozen condition. The Class II sand should be compacted at optimum moisture content to 95% to 100% relative density or to the compaction level as specified in the design plans.

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Fill Sand


Sold in 1 Cubic Yard Increments


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